Home Tutoring Business

The Internet is making it easier and faster than ever to purchase items online and seek out non-traditional methods of obtaining professional services. Goods and services may be obtained with just the click of a mouse, and one of the more popular of these services is education. Online tutoring services go hand in hand with the growing volume of online degree programs that are being offered. If students are forgoing traditional instruction, what about traditional homework help? There aren’t after-school programs or tutors that accompany long-distance learning programs. Even students who attend local grade schools, high schools or universities are opting for online tutors. The experience is more discreet, less intimidating, and in many cases, more affordable. If you have teaching experience or expertise in one or more subjects, online tutoring could be for you.

The Roles and Responsibilities of Online Tutors

A tutor is a person who gives instruction on an individual basis. Tutoring is not meant to “teach” a concept, per say- rather, it is meant to assist a student in their ability to grasp the “big picture” and develop the necessary learning skills that will eventually lead them to become better independent learners. Tutoring motivates, encourages and promotes confidence over a certain subject matter. Tutors use their knowledge to instruct, while armed with loads of patience and understanding. Good tutors provide structure, offer the opportunity for students to practice problems and help strengthen note-taking, study and time management skills. They do all of this while remaining flexible, respectful and understanding while offering their enthusiasm and keeping an open mind. It helps to be a great communicator, whether you are a traditional or online tutor. Tutors additionally assess student progress and communicate this progress to parents or teachers.

Background Requirements

Online tutoring companies seek out motivated, flexible individuals with expertise over one or more subject areas to assist students within a wide range of grade levels. Online tutors may work with students from kindergarten to college levels. You should be comfortable with working odd hours since nights and weekends are when most students study. You’ll be working with students through online software applications, emails, live messaging systems and video conferences, so familiarity with computer software is a must. Many online tutoring companies require that you have a four year degree in your area of expertise, while others will assess your abilities by giving you a competency test in the subject(s) of your choice. You may choose to test in one or more areas and are usually given the flexibility to select your desired grade level and schedule once hired. You’ll also need to include a resume or complete the company’s online application form and register with their website. Some sites may also ask for a background check which may require a small fee. Any prior teaching or tutoring experience is helpful, although not always required.